Tesla Model S

Car design is facing a slow but very relevant powertrain revolution. It’s only a matter of time until we start to see  lots of less-polluting (more efficient) alternative vehicles on a regular basis. Yet, many makers are still investing on heavy, high-cc, high-polluting cars. Many makers seem to be focusing on what people (rather manipulated in a bad way) want rather than on what they know people need: a sustainable transport mode (which should be what people want but don’t know). That’s one way to make money, I guess, but it will only delay what’s innevitable and create a greater problem. On the other hand, there’s Tesla.

Experienced car makers such as BMW and Ford have been trying to develop an environmently-friendly appearance for the last years. Yet, while they seem to be investing on greener technologies, they’re selling thousands of SUVs for road use. This is very contradictory. And what about Tesla? Well, despite being a very recent company, with only 10 years of existence, it is certainly, at the moment, the biggest surprise in the auto industry. Folks from Telsa may still be selling high-end vehicles, and actually developing an SUV (bah), but they’ve been exceeding all expectations – I forgot to mention: Tesla designs the most efficient electric cars in the world and has been creating sustainable solutions ever since it was born.

If 15 Years from now on I have the possibility to choose between an electric powered BMW and a Tesla I will certainly pick the second.

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